ARES Interiors

crafting excellence

ARES Interiors gives meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to excellence in every piece.

Equipped with the latest technology and manned by skilled craftsmen, ARES Interiors seamlessly merge traditional techniques with modern methods to create custom-made furniture that suits each client's unique tastes and needs. From classy cabinets to plush upholstery, every element is carefully crafted to radiate elegance and charm.

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Our dedication to quality extends beyond aesthetics; we prioritize the use of premium materials sourced from sustainable suppliers, ensuring durability and longevity without compromising on luxury. Whether it's the warmth of hand-selected woods or the opulence of fine fabrics, every material is chosen with care to elevate the onboard experience.

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Collaborating closely with yacht designers and owners, we offer a seamless process from concept to installation, providing bespoke solutions that perfectly complement the overall design aesthetic of each vessel. Starting with shop drawings in design office, carpentry, upholstery, paint, stainless steel works, mirror/glass works and stoneworks are all in-house production.

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