from rough seas to crystal waters

In the realm of maritime excellence, ARES YACHTS rises with unwavering determination and keen eyes that discern the most extraordinary moments hidden within the big blue, painting the world with vibrant hues of perfection and leaving an indelible mark on the maritime landscape.

62 M SY, sub 499 GT

Simena... an ancient city that carries the echoes of centuries of maritime heritage.

Simena's history dates back to the 4th century BC, and it remains a hidden gem accessible only by sea in Antalya province. It has long served as a sanctuary, offering a haven to seafarers against the relentless power of the Mediterranean's fiercest waves.

SIMENA is developed in collaboration with Tanju Kalaycioglu-Taka Yacht Design for exterior design & naval architecture and Design Unlimited for interior design. She is the perfect blend of traditional sailing and modern technology. Her hybrid propulsion architecture offers the best of both worlds - the comfort of a motor yacht combined with the thrill of sails. SIMENA is easy to handle, but also an eye-catcher out on the big blue.

Main Technical Specs
Yard No ARES61 SY
Type Cruising Ketch, Luxury Performance Sailing vessel
LOA 61.61 m
Beam 10.80 m
Top Speed 15 knots
Range 4000 Nm@11 knots
Air Draft < 60 m
Construction AH 36 Steel Hull

Advanced Composite Superstructure
Classification RINA C ✠ Hull • MACH “Ych”, Unrestricted Navigation
Cayman Islands, Red Ensign Group Yacht Code, Part A
50 M MY, sub 499 GT

The iconic Spitfire is developed in collaboration with Lateral for naval architecture and Bannenberg & Rowell Design for exterior & interior design. She is built upon the legacy that produced the award-winning ARES 150 BOLD in 2018. Her parent hull form has been optimized and validated through numerical simulations, experimental testing, and full-scale sea trials.

She is tailored for informal and flexible living. Lean and nimble; purposeful and distinctive – a seagoing reinterpretation of her celebrated airborne ancestor. You can relax at the Scramble Station, enjoy a cocktail, or meet your skipper in the Ready Room to plan the day's missions.

Main Technical Specs
Yard No ARES50 MY
Type Fast Displacement
LOA 50 m
Beam 8.60 m
Top Speed 23 knots
Range 3500 Nm @12 knots
Construction Advanced Composite Hull

Advanced Composite Superstructure
Classification RINA C ✠ HULL • MACH Ych, Unrestricted Navigation, DMS, Documents Compliance for Red Ensign Group Large Yacht Code Part A

Cayman Islands
Superyacht Range 65 m | 75 m | 85 m

State-of-the-art green energy architecture for owners looking to the future.

ARES YACHTS develops a new family of vessels characterized by a unified technical narrative and a distinctive design language. ARES YACHTS’s commitment to innovation spans the entire range, centering around an advanced diesel-electric system integrated with pods. The implementation of alternative types of energy, such as methanol, is considered during the early engineering development. The Superyacht Range is developed in close collaboration with Lateral Naval Architects. ARES YACHTS is currently in the tender phase of selecting the exterior and interior design partners for this distinguished range.

54 M MY, sub 499 GT

In the realm of yachts, ATLAS stands as a bold explorer, reminiscent of the ancient Titan who carried the weight of the heavens. ATLAS embodies the spirit of adventure, ready to chart a course into uncharted waters.

ATLAS is developed in collaboration with HotLab for exterior & interior design.

Main Technical Specs
Type Fast Displacement
LOA 54 m
Construction AH 36 Steel Hull

Aluminum Superstructure
Classification TBA
Full Custom

ARES YACHTS undertakes custom projects above 500 GT up to 90 m LOA. From the first sketch to a floating work of art, ARES's expertise is evident, ensuring that every detail reflects the Client's vision. It's a testament to ARES's passion for redefining what's possible on the big blue.

Whether it's a sleek and modern superyacht or a majestic ocean explorer, ARES YACHTS is your partner in crafting vessels that exceed expectations and navigate the waters of possibility.

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