62m ARES Yachts sailing yacht Simena enters outfitting

November 2023 - News
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Located in Turkey in the Antalays Free Zone, Ares Yachts have announced that their flagship 62-metre sailing yacht Simena has entered the outfitting phase.

With a scheduled delivery for December 2024, the steel-carbon composite build sailing yacht features exterior design by Taka Yacht Design, while her interior was penned by Design Unlimited.

Ares Yachts’ project manager Piraye Sahinkaya Orhun commented, “The main inspiration behind the exterior lines was based on the clipper ships, especially the bow with fully rigged bowsprit and trail board. One can also find some resemblances with the early steam yachts, sharing lovely, classic sheer lines.” 

As for the interior, Orhun further described it as “a timeless sanctuary, shaped by her modern design language, influenced by classic elements. The mix of contemporary and classic design converge into harmonious spaces, featuring intricate detailing, with hints of glamour through feature finishes and fittings.” 

Simena showcases innovative technology featuring a sophisticated hybrid drive system enabling the yacht to operate silently under electric power for up to six knots.  

Other superyacht projects underway at Ares include the 50-metre motor yacht Spitfire and another 54-metre explorer yacht known as Project Atlas. Ares Yachts is also developing a 65-85-metre yacht range with Lateral Naval Architects.