In the realm of yachts, ATLAS stands as a bold explorer, reminiscent of the ancient Titan who carried the weight of the heavens. ATLAS embodies the spirit of adventure, ready to chart a course into uncharted waters.

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heritage reborn

Boasting sleek and masculine exterior lines, this yacht exudes a sense of contemporary elegance while paying homage to ARES Shipyard's esteemed legacy. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, Atlas strikes the perfect balance between interior opulence and exterior functionality. Its spacious layout ensures an optimal distribution of volume, providing ample room for luxurious living spaces without compromising on performance or efficiency. Crafted to captivate the discerning adventurer, every aspect of this yacht's design reflects a commitment to quality and innovation.

Accommodating 19 people, Atlas includes two double and two twin Guest Cabins and a full-beam Owner Suite, along with 9 crew members in 5 cabins. Whether cruising through calm waters or exploring remote destinations, Atlas offers unparalleled comfort and style, promising an unforgettable journey for those with a taste for the extraordinary.


explore in style

Atlas is thoughtfully crafted, offering a unique levelling of spaces that maximizes usability and enhances the overall sense of luxury. The inclusion of a full-length platform entrance ensures easy access, while the strategic location of guest accommodations provides direct connections to the beach club, seamlessly integrating indoor and outdoor living. For those seeking ultimate relaxation, the private owner deck boasts a luxurious jacuzzi, providing a serene retreat with breath-taking views. With double forward decks and the option for a touch-and-go helideck, Atlas offers unparalleled versatility, allowing for seamless exploration of both land and sea.

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exceed expectations

Designed to exceed expectations, Atlas’s interior features redefine the notion of comfort and convenience, distinguishing it from its competitors.

Innovation meets sustainability with the option for hybrid propulsion, ensuring efficient performance while minimizing environmental impact. Additionally, the yacht boasts ample storage capacity for tenders and toys, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in the excitement of on-water activities. From its exquisite design to its advanced features, Atlas redefines the concept of luxury travel, promising an unforgettable experience for those who demand nothing but the best.


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Technical Specifications

Engineering Engineering

Van Oossanen Naval Architects

Lnterior Designer lnterior Designer

Hot Lab

Designer Exterior Designer

Hot Lab

Speed Top Speed

>16 Knots

Cruese Speed Cruise Speed

11 Knots

Radar Range

4500-5000 NM 

Tonage Gross Tonnage

499 GT

Fast Displacement Motor Yacht
AH 36 Steel Hull, Aluminium Superstructure
: RINA C ✠ Hull MACH “Ych”, Unrestricted Navigation
Cayman Islands, REG-code compliant
Length Overall:
54.00 m
Moulded Beam:
8.70 m
2.10 m
10 Guests - 5 Cabins
Main Engine:
Hybrid Propulsion:

in collaboration with

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