Drawing inspiration from the legendary Supermarine Spitfire fighter aircraft, embodying sleek design and advanced features, SPITFIRE elegantly blends aeronautical charm with maritime excellence

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a yacht for today’s living

The iconic superyacht is built upon the foundation of the ARES 150 BOLD, the flagship OPV by ARES that has been awarded the ‘World’s Best Offshore Patrol Vessel’ in 2018. The foundational hull forms have undergone meticulous optimization and validation through numerical simulations, experimental testing, and comprehensive sea trials at full scale. Merging the offshore lineage of its hull with the requirements of a superyacht platform creates exciting opportunities, offering a blend of innovative design and advanced technical features.

Accommodating 18 people, Spitfire includes two double and two twin Buddy Quarters and a full beam Boss Quarters, along with 8 crew members in 5 cabins. Spitfire offers a blend of luxury, adaptability, and thoughtful design, ensuring an exceptional experience for all on board.

Spitfire features a diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system designed to optimize the user experience, prioritizing low noise, emissions, and vibration. This innovative solution includes a compact and lightweight system capable of 6 hours in silent mode (without the genset running) or 1 hour of electric-only cruising. With variable-speed gensets and battery package, the yacht can achieve up to 11 hours of "silent" operation in typical Mediterranean conditions during a 24-hour period, ensuring zero noise and zero emissions while minimizing complexity and optimizing running costs.


informal & flexible

Guest comfort on SPITFIRE is meticulously optimized through a design that prioritizes informal and flexible living. The yacht's interior spaces are thoughtfully tailored to accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of guests, fostering a relaxed and adaptable atmosphere.

Embodying the principles of being lean and nimble, SPITFIRE ensures that every inch of space is utilized purposefully. The layout is designed with a focus on functionality, providing guests with an efficient and seamless experience. The yacht's distinctive features contribute to an overall sense of purpose and uniqueness, enhancing the guest's enjoyment of their surroundings.

The emphasis on informal and flexible living extends to various areas onboard, from inviting lounges to versatile entertainment spaces. The design allows for a smooth transition between different activities, ensuring that guests can easily personalize their experience. Whether it's a casual gathering or a more formal event, SPITFIRE offers a harmonious blend of comfort and style, reflecting its commitment to optimizing guest comfort through thoughtful design and a distinctive approach.

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refined versatility

The bespoke interior solutions of the SPITFIRE prioritize relaxation and flexibility, embodying a thoughtful and purposeful approach to optimizing the modern lifestyle. The aft platform, equipped with a transformer connected to the Fun Store, and the side-opening platforms, extend the swimming area into a vast space suitable for various guest occasions.The D-Fac Room serves as a formal dining area, while The Bunker place provides a perfect spot for afternoon relaxation. Both areas feature full-length sliding doors with side openings, allowing guests to enjoy the feeling of sitting on an open terrace.

The Boss Quarters, located forward on the main deck, open to a private owner deck with a jacuzzi and a movie area. The retractable windbreaker and integrated side windows within the bulwarks offer spectacular panoramic views. This cabin also incorporates a side balcony with complete privacy.

The upper deck features an Open Wheelhouse that connects backwards with The Ready Room for the owner and captain's daily meetings, as well as providing guests with a space to enjoy cruising. The Ward Room at the aft upper deck is an ideal space for both interior and exterior modes, featuring full-length side and aft doors, along with an opening roof for added versatility.

The Poop Deck is a vast exterior upper deck with a grill bar, and when combined with the Ward Room opening, the entire upper deck becomes one fully open area for guests to enjoy.


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Technical Specifications

Engineering Engineering

Lateral Naval Architects

Lnterior Designer lnterior Designer

Bannenberg & Rowell Design

Designer Exterior Designer

Bannenberg & Rowell Design

Speed Top Speed

22 Knots

Cruese Speed Cruise Speed

10 Knots

Radar Range

2200 NM 

Tonage Gross Tonnage

499 GT

Fast Displacement Motor Yacht
Advanced Composite Hull & Superstructure
RINA C ✠ Hull MACH “Ych”, Unrestricted Navigation, Additional Notation: DMS, Green Plus, Hybrid Propulsion
Cayman Islands, Red Ensign Group Yacht Code, Part A
Length Overall:
50.58 m
Moulded Beam:
8.7 m
2.1 m
10 Guests - 8 Cabins
Main Engine:
2x MAN V12 1471 kW @2300 rpm with ZF reduction gearboxes
Hybrid Propulsion:
Parallel Hybrid (PMSM) 2x E-Motion e-motors with clutch, 290Kw
8x E-Motion Battery packs of 39.1kWh each, total 312.8kWh with BMS
3x E-Motion variable speed, 130kW with PMS
Steering System:
Data Hydraulic, or equal
Bow Thruster:
Veth, 100 kW, or equal
Humphree, zero speed, or equal

in collaboration with

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