ARES YACHTS main targets are to sustain and ensure to be the leading shipyard using cutting-edge technology by taking into consideration of global and domestic market needs and to sustain its reputation in shipbuilding industry through the modern project management practices applied in Shipbuilding, Refit and Integrated Logistics Support.

ARES YACHTS all employees work to achieve these targets with their unconditional commitment to the existing laws, regulations and standards. ARES YACHTS believes efficient and high quality production can be done in a healthy and safe working environment. ARES YACHTS basic principles are to prevent its employees’ health deterioration during production in the shipyard, to sustain the shipyard’s activities, production and services by avoiding environmental damages or taking necessary precautions to minimize environmental risks and to leave a livable future to next generations by raising awareness of its employees about environmental protection.

We as ARES YACHTS commit to target the following in all our activities:

-Provide trainings for our employees, our subcontractors and the companies we cooperate with, to make them aware of their individual responsibilities regarding quality, environment and occupational health and safety.

-Ensure customer satisfaction.

-Prevent environmental pollution, consider natural resource consumption and reduce occupational (industrial) accidents.

-Show performance in legal or other requirements of our management systems.

-Identify emergencies and determine risks related to environmental and occupational health and safety and take precautions in this respect.

-Share mutual experiences and information about environmental protection, occupational health and safety with public, private sector and non-governmental organizations.

-Continuously improve the performance and effectiveness of our quality, environment and occupational health and safety systems by including all our employees.